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Cordless Drill Buying Tips

The Cordless Drill is the must have electrical toy of the homeowner and professional tradesman alike. Evolving in much the same way that computers have, Cordless Drills have become less weighty, more reliable and far cheaper in recent years. Where the mains drill doesn't reach, the Cordless Drill is guaranteed to go. But it's important to remember to avoid the pitfalls when buying a good quality, well-priced drill. You should choose carefully by focusing on your own requirements. Please take a look at our page about Cordless Drill Features and the things you should look out for when Buying A Cordless Drill.

A Cordless Drill will only work as well as its battery does since the battery dictates the drill's power output and how long it can run for without recharging. Of course, over time the battery will inevitably need replacing but you'll find that higher quality drills are less likely to need their batteries replacing as often as their budget counterparts that, in the long term will prove less economic. View more information about the Cordless Drill Battery.

And what about drill voltage? Don't be drawn into the trap of thinking that the higher the voltage the better the drill. Whilst a high voltage drill will offer you more power it will also require a larger battery that in turn will make the drill bigger and heavier. Typically, a 12v or 14.4v drill would suffice for the occasional DIYer whilst an 18v or 24v drill would suit the professional tradesman. Learn more about Cordless Drill Battery Voltage.

It's also worth considering whether you would require a drill with hammer action, referred to as a combi drill. These drills are designed for more heavy duty tasks and are ideal for drilling effectively into hard surfaces such as masonry or concrete. SDS Hammer Drills take the hammer concept one step further by delivering more energy per blow helping to cut labour time in half. View more information about the Cordless SDS Hammer Drill.

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We've assembled detailed information so you can make an informed decision about the Cordless Drill you choose to buy:

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